About Me

My name is Norman Karr and I am currently a senior studying Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. I am passionate about Computer Science because, for me, it is simply another canvas through which I can direct my creativity. I am most interested by the field of Machine Learning, particularly in the field of Computer Vision, because many of the problems are very much like art problems.

I currently work for The Nachman Group in Berkeley Lab where I am fortunate to get to research at the intersection of machine learning and physics, another one of my favorite subjects. In particular, I work on the application of one-class classifiers for anomaly detection in high energy physics data.

Outside of work and school, some of my interests include music production, photography, and basketball. Fun fact: I played basketball for the same high school coach as Jeremy Lin.


Primary Email: normankarr11@gmail.com
Secondary Email: nkarr11@berkeley.edu