About Me

My name is Norman Karr and I am currently a Software Engineer at Fathom Health where I have the privilege of working with cutting edge technologies and applying them to the US medical industry. See my Blog Post for Fathom!

I had graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's in Computer Science. During my time at Berkeley, I attended a wide-variety of fascinating classes in subjects such as Quantum Mechanics, Natural Language Processing, and Computational Photography. I had also spent some time as a researcher in the The Nachman Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories where I published a first-author paper that got accepted to a NeurIPS 2022 workshop!

At my core, I am just an engineer who enjoys learning and solving problems but I find that I am most passionate when I am applying my skills in computer science to make real-world impact!

Outside of work, some of my interests include travelling, music production, photography, and basketball. Fun fact: I played basketball for the same high school coach as Jeremy Lin.


Email: normankarr11@gmail.com